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Here is a July 2013 New York Times article and video interview with former LDS General Authority (Seventy) Hans Mattsson.  Mattsson, a 3rd generation Mormon, discusses what led to his exit.  Believers came to him with information and questions he could not answer, but dismissed it as "anti-Mormon literature" and propaganda.  He then asked an Apostle above him to help him answer the members questions and was provided no help dismissing the questions.  This is what led him to search for the answers himself an soon found all the information was very credible.  He talks about how the deception and lies hurt even eight years later after his exit.

Mattsson also has a much more in depth interview with current Mormon John Dehlin on his podcast Mormonstories.
Below are some of my recommended videos that I have found to be very objective and informative on comparing and contrasting historical veracity, prophecy, doctrines and beliefs vs. the Mormon Church.

In addition to the videos below, I would also recommend viewing the YouTube channel of of Flackerman and the site of LDS Video Encyclopedia who both have great libraries of videos that objectively show issues facing the LDS church.

Another set of videos that is among my favorites is a series of 8 videos created by a former Mormon that focus on truth and how bias affects how the mind works.  The videos combined are about 1 hour, but well work the watch, especially videos 6-8.   They are very professional and are not in any way "anti-Mormon."  The videos can be viewed at the following YouTube channel:

The Gospel for Mormons:  A wonderful gospel message shared in love by Jeff Turbin for Mormons.  This is 12 minutes of truth shared in love and should be listened to by Mormons and those who would love to share the gospel with Mormons.  Thank you Jeff for your love and service and I pray this message through the Spirit helps open ears to hear and eyes to see the truth so it may set Mormons free.

The Gospel shared with LDS Missionaries:  Jeff Durbin demonstrates how to effectively and lovingly share the Gospel with Mormons without arguing.  What an excellent example with an even better message of good news.

Milieu Control:  A 2015 Johovah's Witnesses Convention talk by Anthony Morris III, a Governing Body member (same level as Apostle in Mormonism) on the dangers of the internet.  I heard almost verbatim this exact warning all the time by LDS leadership.  This is a perfect example of the various ways the LDS church and other organizations use Milieu Control techniques to manipulate and influence their followers by shutting down your congnitive abilities of rational thought and critical thinking.

Testimony from the Heart:  This is the recent testimony of Micah Wilder, a former faithful Mormon that grew up in the LDS church, who shares his amazing testimony of how God pursued his heart while on his LDS mission.  This is a true testimony of Christ and His amazing love and how it transforms a heart.  Every Mormon and Christian should watch this video to see what Christ can do to anyone when He pursues you and as open your heart to His love, grace, and liberty found only in His gospel.

DNA vs. The Book of Mormon:  This is a professionally produced and extremely objective video showing how DNA testing has allowed us to scientifically examine the Book of Mormon claim that American Indians are descendants of Israelites.

The Bible vs. Joseph Smith: This is a professionally produced video that objectively compares biblcal prophecy vs. the Book of Mormon prophecy.

The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon: This is a professionally produced video that objectively looks at the scientific evidences to test if the Book of Mormon is comparable to the bible by interviewing archaeologists, anthropologists, geographers, and linguists.

The Top 10 Mormon Problems Explained:  This is a professionally produced video that objectively presents the top 10 problems within the Mormon church.


The Lost Book of Abraham: This is a professionally produced video that objectively presents the issues surrounding the Book of Abraham.

Lifting the Veil of Polygamy: This is a professionally produced video that interviews several ex-FLDS to discuss the life and fruit of a polygamous life that Joseph Smith introduced the the church as an essential and eternal doctrine.


Bishop Earl Erskine shares his Testimony:

Unveiling Grace:  LDS Missionaries and family sharing their testimonies about Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith:  This is a professionally produced video that compares the teachings of Jesus Christ to Joseph Smith.

Why Mormons Leave the Church:  This is a video and presentation is made by a devoted, lifelong and current member of the LDS church, John P. Dehlin. The video is made to cover why people leave the church and what they can do to help.  

The second video is John Dehlin covering the actual survey of more than 2,000 respondents in a powerpoint presentation, which was presented to LDS church leadership, that backs the first video.

Mitt Romney Denies Foundational Doctrine in Live TV Interview:

Apostle Jeffery Holland Interview on BBC Television: 

Reliability the Bible:  This is a great three minute introductory video that discusses the reliability of the bible.  YouTube user LDS Video Encycolpedia has many other great two to three minute videos presenting issues with LDS doctrines, history, etc.

Grant Palmer's "Ah-Ha Moments While Researching Mormon History": Grant Palmer, author of An Insider's View of Mormon Origins, is a retired 34 year employee of the Church Education System (CES) where he served as three-time Institute Director.  This video is long, but outstanding as he highlights many of the growing issues within the LDS church today and how he feels the church will respond.  There are a few chapters from the book he covers at a high level as well.


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